Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is an official document provided by the state at your birth. This is a legal document to prove your identity and a document required in order to obtain:

How do I order my birth certificate?

Online Vitals is the fastest and most reliable service available to order a new or replacement Birth Certificate. Online Vitals provides services that assist you in applying for your birth certificate, and make the process easy and streamlined via Electronic Download, Home Delivery and Next Day, All Included application assistance services.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is based on the state fee, shipping fee and service fee for each state. You can check the fees for each state at

To learn more about the pricing of our birth certificate application services, visit our Pricing page.

Can I make modification once I purchase a Online Vitals birth certificate application assistance service?

For any modification request, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you request a change to a Electronic Download, we will make the required change(s) and send you updated application documents free of charge.

For our Home Delivery and Next Day, All Included services, we are able to make a change to your order within 24 hours before your application assistance packet ships. If you are unable to request a change before your packet ships, you may make small modifications with white corrector fluid directly on the document, or we are able to send you the updated version via email.

How long will it take to get my birth certificate application assistance packet that I’ve ordered from Online Vitals?

These are the delivery times for our three individual services:

How long does it take for my state to issue my birth certificate ?

Each state has a specific processing time frame. Please refer to this page to see the processing estimation provided by each state.

It is advised that you allow yourself 2-3 additional days in your application process to ensure that you are able to meet your state’s application submission deadline.

What kind of identification documents do I need to obtain my birth certificate?

All of the required identification documents you’ll need will be provided and delivered with your application download or packet delivered from Online Vitals, EXCEPT a photocopy of your ID. Please place a photocopy of your ID into the provided labeled envelope, and mail the envelope from your local post office.

Certain states require a notarized sword letter along with their birth certificate application. Customers from these states must notarize the sword letter inside their Online Vitals application packet or download, and mail it together with all other required documents. Instructions regarding how to have your sword letter notarized are provided within the included instructions.

After I submit my birth certificate application, do I have to physically go to the state office to receive my birth certificate?

This may depend on the state where your birth certificate is requested. If you cannot be present to receive your birth certificate, inform the mail carrier to leave the birth certificate in your mailbox.

Who can apply for a new or replacement birth certificate?

Self-applicants must be over 13 years old in order to apply for a birth certificate. If you request a birth certificate for your child, you need to select “Mother or Father” during the registration phase.

Will my certificate come from the hospital where I was born?

Only the state you were born in has your original birth certificate document and can ensure its availability. Occasionally, a hospital will provide a document with your footprint or the footprint of the child you are applying for. This document is not the official birth certificate. An official state seal must be present to validate an official birth certificate.